Curated ideas for a very nice Sonoma Valley day.     

  -Make reservations when possible.

  -Comfortable shoes are everything! 

 -Have a designated driver for wine tasting. Hang loose & have fun-you’re on Valley time now.



    Sleep in late, and then take a short stroll to Les Pascals Patisserie for the most delicious authentic French treats under the oaks on their sweet backyard patio. Next, perhaps enjoy a relaxing massage and facial at Bridgeview Spa or perhaps taste world class Sonoma cabernets at the lovely Laurel Glen Tasting Room. Keep the romantic mood going strong with a visit to the lush vineyards and picturesque gardens at Chateau St. Jean Winery, and a marvelous wine paired lunch for two at St. Francis Winery. Don’t miss Wine Snob* and Talisman tasting rooms, both right across the street from the Glen Ellen Inn. Both have Sonoma Valley limited production wines, produced with love. Stop by Jack London Village for candle making at 707 Candle Co, and a personalized box or two of wine-filled chocolates or truffles at Wine Country Chocolates. Finish the night with a  sumptuous dinner overlooking Calabasas Creek at the romantic Mill Restaurant, or walk to the Michelin recommended delight Glen Ellen Star. 



   Enjoy a leisurely morning walk, just a block from Glen Ellen Inn to Carmel Avenue, then take the hidden trail to Lake Suttonfield for lake views and a magical vista point looking down on the historic Sonoma Developmental Center. Or- wake up early for an amazing Hot Air Balloon Ride to soak in unforgettable vineyard views from Sonoma Ballooning.  Then stop in at Gloria Ferrer Winery for sparkling wine; and enjoy the endless vineyard views from their Catalonian Farmhouse. Another way to spend the afternoon is at the beautiful Benziger Family Winery or Jack London State Park for lovely views of Glen Ellen. Ready to ride? Try Triple Creek Horse Outfit for a trail ride through Jack London State Park.  Make a reservation to visit Repris Winery on a magical mountain top, and then head to Kunde Family Winery for lovely vineyard views. Another great choice is Wellington Vineyards for wine and Charcuterie under the ancient olive trees.  Then off for dinner at Salt and Stone for vineyard views, Mill Restaurant for waterfront views, or the Chef’s counter at the Glen Ellen Star to watch the culinary magic happen.



Walk to the Glen Ellen Village Market or Les Pascals to grab a picnic for your day. Then a block or so away belly up to the bar at Eric Ross where you’ll feel like you’re in the wild, wild west. And don’t miss their neighbor Dane Cellars, where you’ll taste delicious handmade wines while you are inside of a giant oak wine tank. Afterwards, head up the hill to Jack London State Park, and follow the “Call of the Wild” authors’ footsteps on a self-guided tour of the remains of his mansion, Wolf House. Picnic in the oak grove overlooking the stallion barn and vineyard for a one of a kind experience. And for a real old west feel, try Triple Creek Horse Outfit for a horse back trail ride through Jack London State Park. Once you head back to “downtown”, visit small-but-mighty producers Talisman and Wine Snob* for wine tasting. Finish your wild wine country day with a casual dinner at the historic Mill Restaurant, or just mosey on over to the fig café, which is right next door to the Glen Ellen Inn.



   Meander across the street to enjoy a lovely breakfast or brunch at the Garden Court Café; Then off for wine tasting at Lasseter Winery, founded by John and Nancy Lasseter of Pixar Studios and Skydance Animation. Next, rock on down the highway to B.R. Cohn Winery, and their neighbor Little Vineyards Family Winery for great wines, music and rock star memorabilia. A short jot away is Imagery Winery-a must for art and wine lovers. And across the street from Jack London Village, you’ll find Eric Ross Tasting room, with many of his beautiful photographs, on the walls and on the wine labels. And across the street look for Passaggio Winery, who often have live music in the afternoons. Visit Wine Snob* tasting room and Talisman tasting room both right across the street from the Glen Ellen Inn-and get your picture with the Glen Ellen Murals. Then it may be time to indulge yourself with a massage and facial at Bridgeview Spa. Finish the night at “Top Chef” alumni Casey Thompsons’ Folktable Restaurant or walk to Michelin-rated Glen Ellen Star where food is art.



First stop- Garden Court Café for an amazing and hearty breakfast. Then a few steps away, enjoy wine tasting with Lindsay and Ryan at Wine Snob* tasting room, and stop by Talisman for a vertical Pinot Noir extravaganza with Marta and Rich. Check out Opalescence where the John the Goldsmith creates one-of-a-kind personalized jewelry. Grab a picnic from the Glen Ellen Village Market or Les Pascale’s Patisserie and take a gentle stroll under the oaks through the Glen Ellen Regional Park (you’ll find the hidden entrance across the street from Glen Ellen Inn, on Carmel Avenue). Take a right on the path, and it will lead you to Lake Suttonfield; Take a left, and you wind up at Elizabeth Anne Perrone Dog Park. Back in downtown, Stop by Laurel Glen wine tasting room, found the Historic 1906 Poppe Building, and then a massage and facial at Bridgeview Spa. Then off to dinner at Glen Ellen Star or fig café. All without stepping into a vehicle. Way to go!




Start your day with a roll or pastry from Les Pascals Patisserie in the happy yellow building across the Arnold Drive Bridge. Then off for small production wine tasting at Wine Snob* and Talisman tasting rooms, both found right across the street from the Glen Ellen Inn. Next door to Talisman, check out Opalescence Jewelry Store where the John the Goldsmith creates personalized jewelry onsite. Walk across the street Bike Basement to rent some wheels; Then bike the Henno Road to Lasseter, Loxton and Wellington Wineries. Or stay on Arnold Drive and bike towards Jack London Village in Glen Ellen to visit Eric Ross, Dane Cellars and Passagio Winery, and 707 Candle Co.. And a must for anyone with a sweet tooth is Wine Country Chocolates where you'll find handmade truffles and wine filled chocolates. Check out Songbird Event Parlour for pop-up dinners and events, and the sweet Schermeister tasting room. Walk to dinner at Glen Ellen Star or fig café for the finish to a wine country day well spent.




   Walk to breakfast at the little French Bakery Les Pascals Patisseriethen off to meet the winemakers at Wine Snob* and Talisman which are both right across the street from the Glen Ellen Inn. Make sure to take a picture at Talisman with the Glen Ellen Mural. Then off to Little Family Vineyards tasting room. Make an appointment for Amapola Creek Winery, B. Wise Vineyard, or Glen Lyon Winery.  Stop for lunch in Jack London Village, where you can choose from the Mill or Yeti. Once refreshed, time to visit Schermeister Wine Tasting room, Eric Ross, Passagio Wines, Dane Cellars, Laurel Glen, and Mayo Family tasting rooms. Walk to dinner at Glen Ellen Star, who feature produce from their own GlenTucky Farms.




   Stroll to breakfast at Les Pascals Patisserie, then jump in your car for a very short drive to meet the winemakers at Ty Caton, Seamus, B. Wise, and Vaughn Duffy tasting rooms, all easily accessible in Kenwood. Have a casual snack at Palooza Gastropub, or have a wine paired lunch at Mayo Family Reserve Room, then off to St. Annes Crossing and their giant metal bear mascot, and La Rochelle Winery. On your way back to the Glen Ellen Inn, take a gentle hike through Sonoma Botanical Garden. Finish your day with an intimate dinner at Yeti or The Mill, or just a stroll over to the fig café or Glen Ellen Star.



   Start the day with a cup of coffee on our Creekside Patio, which overlooks the second oldest bridge in Sonoma County, built in the early 1900’s by Joshua Chauvet. Then it’s off to the historic Abbotts Passage, where you can taste and learn about old vine wines, as well as stock up on snacks in their mercantile. Make your way to the oldest wineries in Sonoma Valley- Gundlach Bundschu Winery, Bartholomew Park Winery, and Buena Vista Winery. Scribe Winery is in a pre-prohibition Hacienda, and  has a hip yet historic vibe. Don’t miss General Vallejo’s Home, which is just off the historic Sonoma Square, to see what life was like in Sonoma Valley in the early days. Another fun idea is to take a “History Walk” with George Webber (dressed as General Vallejo).  

   Back in Glen Ellen, visit Jack London State Park and discover the exquisite ruins and mysterious circumstances of the demise of Jack and Charmians' Wolf House. The House of Happy Walls Museum is truly a beautiful blast from the past. Then it’s back to downtown Glen Ellen and the Laurel Glen wine tasting room, housed in the historic 1906 Poppe Building, which is also home to the Bridgeview Spa, located right upstairs. In the downtown area, look for Marshalls Body Shop-it was once the towns’ only Blacksmith Shop. Last stop, Pinot Noir at Talisman wine tasting room, located right across the street from the Glen Ellen Inn in a hundred year old cottage. You may notice the Yellow Building next to Glen Ellen Inn Secret Cottages along the creek-it was the Train Station Masters home for the railroad that once went through town. As the sun sets, have a lovely dinner at the historic grist Mill Restaurant, built in 1856 and located in Jack London Village, or a walk to Jack London Saloon for a casual burger and a game of pool in the 1905 wild west style bar.



   Get the day started at the Garden Court Cafe' for morning snacks, and make reservations for Corner 103, found on the Sonoma Square for an elegant wine and a food pairing with a knowledgeable staff. Then it’s off to Pangloss Cellars for wine tasting in a historic, yet fully modern setting. Then make reservations well in advance for the ultra-modern Hamel Family Winery back in Glen Ellen. For some fun, grab a blanket for a picnic and wine tasting at Arrowood Vineyards and Imagery Winery, who share an access road. Last stop-the adorably Mod Wine Snob* tasting room-one of the only “new” buildings in Glen Ellen. Walk to dinner at Glen Ellen Star or the fig café, and you’ll be ready for bed.



Start with the short walk from the Glen Ellen Inn to Les Pascals Patisserie for authentic French pasties, snacks and coffee.  Next, head to Dane Cellars, across from Jack London Village, for wine tasting inside a gigantic wooden wine tank; Then off to Schug Winery for an afternoon of relaxation wine tasting in a charming Bavarian inspired setting. Don’t miss Hanzell Winery and it’s quant European Village feel to keep that fairy tale vibe going! Have lunch at the Mill Restaurant, and then off to Chateau St Jean Winery for an enchanted French estate garden vibe. Don’t miss Ledson Winery, a gothic inspired Castle for a bit more wine. Then back to Glen Ellen Village, and a short stroll to the Glen Ellen Star to finish your magical day.



    Walk to Brekkie at Garden Court Café, then head to Australian Winemaker Chris’ Loxton Winery in Glen Ellen for a wine tasting walkabout. Next, really go down under-actually underground with PJ and Robert at Deerfield Ranchs wine cave, and then to Kunde Winery for another fun cave expedition. Then on to Benziger Winery for another cave tour, or perhaps an above ground Tram Tour. Back to Glen Ellen Inn for a rest, and then stroll to dinner at the fig café or Glen Ellen Star for a top knot finish to the day.



   Start the day with a bang at Wine Snob*- try their Italian style Lorenzo red blend, and a visit to Passagio Wines, who often have live music. Then off to Muscardini Winery for more tasting of Italian inspired wines. Getting hungry? It must be time to head to VJB Winery for wine tasting, shopping, and lunch in their bellissimo courtyard La Cucina. Next, play a little Bocce Ball with bottle service at Imagery Winery. Or-roam the other direction…The Olive Press is a nice stop on the way to Jacuzzi and Viansa Wineries, both with picturesque views and Tuscan inspired wines. Finish the day with a short walk for wood-fired pizza at the Glen Ellen Star or fig cafe.



   Begin the day with a stroll to Les Pascals Patisserie to say “Bonjour” to either owner, both named Pascal, and savor their truly delicious pastries. and then a visit to Talisman, the local producers of unparalleled Pinot Noir. Next, spend some quality time sipping amazing French varietals at Lasseter Winery. Or perhaps take a scenic drive to Matanzas Creek Winery, where in lavender season, will transport you to the Provance, or to Anaba Winery, for a variety of Rhone wines and a game or two of Pickleball. Or maybe a relaxing picnic in the gardens of Chateau St. Jean Winery and its’ beautiful French style architecture and gardens may be calling to you. Then it’s bon appetit with a drive to Yountville to The French Laundry, or better yet, right next door at the passionately French fig café.



   Have a farm-sized breakfast right across the street at the Garden Court Café, then you’re off to Landmark Winery to taste wines, and learn about the history of the John Deere family. Then have fun at the incredible Deerfield Ranch Winery to learn about their passion for Clean Wines, and a visit to Kunde Winery, who were some of the earliest farmers in Sonoma Valley. Don’t miss Winetasting in Kenwood Vineyards beautiful barn; and pet their farm cat for extra good luck. Stop by Oak Hill Farm and Flatbed Farm for some Sonoma Valley farm-fresh snacks and souvenirs, then off to Charlies Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary, to visit rescued farm animals, and goat yoga, or up to Benziger Winery to learn about the fascinating and quite magical art of biodynamic farming (and see their sheep if the vineyard needs mowing). Try Triple Creek Horse Outfit for a trail ride through Jack London State Park. Then plow your way to a fantastic dinner at The Mill or walk to the Glen Ellen Star for a delicious dinner featuring local Glentucky Farms produce.

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